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Our Milestones

"Today, EDM is well a part of Indian culture and psyche in big cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and a DJ has become a necessity for every event that involves entertainment and groups.
Bangalore has one of the largest and best underground electronic music scenarios in India. It is home to some of the best clubs and pubs in the country. This city has produced India’s topmost DJs and producers.
Some of the most well known are Electro Smashers, Twokid Wickid, Trement, DJ Nykeh, Harsh Tech, etc.

Electro Smashers

The duo was founded in early 2013.
The DJs – Atif and Nykon – are two upcoming producers from the EDM scene in India.
Within a short span of time, the two have gained popularity in the market, boasting many releases on Beatport.
In the year 2014, they got signed up as artists on the Stop & Replay Records.
Their music exhibits a fresh appeal to familiar sounds that come from their influences like New World Sound, Blasterjaxx, Riggi & Piros, Martin Garrix, Dave Till, Bassjackers, Olly James, DVBBS, etc.

Twokid Wickid

It is the brainchild of Achal Khanolkar and Prithvi Varadarajan. They have been the trailblazers of sorts and have been a big part of the electronic music scene of India.
Having started their careers in the year 2011, the duo has quickly climbed up the highly-competitive ladder to establish themselves as one of the most exciting talents around the country. They have, in a way, carved a niche for themselves with their versatile underground sounds and their signature forte of unforgiving house and techno.


He is one of the youngest EDM DJs and producers in India. He began his DJing career when he was 14-years old.
He introduced his unique style of music called Trement Music. He has played in different parts of the country and taken the nightlife scene in Bangalore to a whole new level.

DJ Nykeh

Nykeh 's journey in DJing began in the year 2013, with mixing at house parties, corporate events, and nearby clubs.
Gradually, his popularity increased and today he is a known DJ in the city. He plays Bollywood stuff but is also famous for progressive and electro house sets.
DJ Nykeh usually combines top commercial and Bollywood tracks with EDM tunes. He is inspired by veterans like David Guetta, Hardwell, and LIVE sets of several other DJs worldwide.

Harsh Tech

He is an amazing combination of a DJ, musician, producer, promoter, and electronic music enthusiast. When not performing, he spends his time in his startup studio creating his own music.
Harsh Tech has been in the electronic dance music industry since the last two years. In the dance music circle, his name conjures up fond memories of fantabulous gigs at various destinations in the India. What punctuates Harsh Tech’s skills as a DJ is his capacity to incorporate different genres and styles and by infusing his music with pure emotions.
His experience as a DJ is as diverse as any of his sets with unique and enthralling sounds, and a versatile approach to mixing and programming.