Arijit and Salman’s Cold War

ArijitWe have been hearing stories about how Salman Khan and Bollywood singer Arijit Singh had a tussle when the movie, Sultan was being produced. There have been speculations about the rift but there was a major reason why Salman started to ignore Arijit’s talent.

How it all began

The Star Guild Awards was hosted back in 2014 by Salman Khan and Riteish Deshmukh. Apparently, Arijit was busy editing songs with Pritam Chakraborty at a studio, the very same day that the ceremony was taking place.

Initially, it was his decision to skip the event and catch a flight to Kolkata once his work was done. Mukhesh Bhatt, one of the members of the jury, gave him a call and insisted that he should attend the ceremony. Ashiqui 2 was a film produced by Mr. Bhatt and it was Arijit Singh big break that led him to stardom. He couldn’t turn down his request.

The Blunder

The major blunder that created all the controversies was his attire and attitude. He was wearing a casual shirt and pants along with sandals. This attire is what we generally wear when we are at home.

It was not a formal attire and shocked the nation when he appeared for the ceremony that was about to award him with a prestigious trophy.

Unfortunately, after a long day at work, Arijit dozed off in his seat and was awakened by a fellow celebrity before he went up on stage to collect his award.

His sloppiness was ridiculed by Salman Khan and he asked him if he had won the prize in reality. All the while, Salman couldn’t help making fun of his attire. He was also laughing and saying that Arijit was fast asleep in the audience.

What led to further problems

Arijit’s answer created chaos. He stated that the show put him to sleep. Salman sarcastically commented that his song, Tum Hi Ho, puts people to sleep. Arijit apologized immediately, received his award and went to catch his flight since he couldn’t find his seat. Salman was quick to notice that and commented that Arijit was walking away after collecting his award and showed no regard to the show.

Arijit felt bad about the entire incident and after reaching Kolkata, he sent an apology to Salman by text. Salman replied that his casual behavior demonstrated his disrespect for the ceremony and that he should not continue such behavior in the future.

The aftermath

After this incident, Arijit recorded a song for Salman’s Kick, but it was rejected by Salman. During the music composition and recording for Bajrangi Bhaijan, Pritam informed him that he would not get an opportunity to sing for the film. Arijit apologized once again. Vishal Dadlani gave Arijit a call to sing songs for Sultan. But later he was rejected. Salman had forgiven him but did not want Arijit to sing for him in his films.

Arijit apologized again and pleaded that he may be given a chance to sing for his upcoming film, Sultan. Unfortunately, it caused further humiliation for him. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sang in his place.

Salman Khan, however, clarified that producers and directors can select the artist who would sing since it needs to fit the narrative of the film. Salman’s fans have argued that he was too great an artist to disrupt Arijit’s journey to fame. But we have also seen that Arijit has apologized multiple times so that he could patch things up with Salman, if not work with him. But even after three years, that distance has just increased for both talented individuals.

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