Benefits of keeping Multi-Instrumentalists in a Band

All great musicians such as Paul McCartney, Beck and Prince have something in common. They all are certainly successful recording artists and winners of Grammy awards, but they have something similar deeper. They all are multi-instrumentalists who have recorded many albums while playing different instruments. Prince, in particular, is known to have played 27 instruments with proficiency.

While, a multi-instrumental artist is a wholesome musician who understands every aspect of music, he or she can prove to be an asset for the band too. Here are some benefits of keeping multi-instrumentalists in a band.

  • Understanding of all Forms of Music

Artists perform with other musicians most of the times. Hence, more you interact with other members; better will be companionship with them. For instance, if you play guitar in your current band but you also play bass, you will be able to understand the intricacies of a bass composition which will make you a better band mate then others. This is true for any style of ensemble or music.

  • Acquaintance with more Languages

Every instrument is associated with a language of its origin. Therefore, playing multiple instruments will acquaint you with more languages. One language helps you to learn the other language, just as English helps us to learn Latin, French and Spanish, and vice versa.

  • Effective Band Leading

Playing many instruments can make you an effective leader of the band because you understand everyone’s role. This makes you a bridge between them and other members of the band. For instance, to make a drummer understand how to play good music, you just have to go to him and play something good.

  • Getting more Gigs

Music producers and event management companies always hire live bands with multi-instrumentalist musicians. A band containing multi-instrumentalists will be able to entertain crowd more and hence will bring more business for these companies. Therefore, if you are comfortable with keyboards, acoustic guitar, bass, tambourine, and sing background vocals too, you will be able to earn more gigs for your band.

  • Additional Income

Multi-instrumental artist can get students to teach in large numbers. If you want to teach lessons to the next generation, you will have more avenues than the individual teaching just one instrument. It can also provide you an additional source of income while your band is not established.

  • Motivation and Peace

While you learn more than one instrument, you learn to be more patient and determined. It also develops flexibility in you since each instrument has a unique style of playing. To reach at a level of proficiency in another instrument can be very frustrating while you have mastered one instrument. You might feel like a beginner all over again but it is all worth in the end because you get a deep understanding of music. It opens more avenues for you as you can then compose music also. But, you should always give maximum time to your primary instrument since becoming a genius in one set of instrument and then learning other instrument is always good for you and your band.