Balloon Arts is a team of decorators who are creative and passionate in their area of work!

Balloon Arts has grown and developed to have different styles of balloon decoration, which range from theme balloon decoration, cartoon balloon decoration, etc. His artistic balloon decoration has gained him a lot of appreciation, and this is what inspires him.

He focuses on artistic balloon ideas, and his aim is to do projects that will discover and teach the joy of imagination. This includes conceptual balloon decorations, and theme balloon decorations for events and parties.

Types of Balloon Art Provided:

  • Balloon frock: designed for school events; this can be a choice for your little angel on his/her birthday bash. It can be designed for little girls.
  • Rainbow theme Balloon: These balloons are awesome for parties, events, etc. It's best for both outdoor and indoor events.
  • Balloon Trees: These trees are being widely used today. This will add a dash of fun to your décor for party.
  • Happy Hula Girl: Wearing a cute green colored balloon skirt, the Hula Girl balloon can be a good option.
  • Balloon gate: It is designed with balloons of different colors, and balloon characters at the decorated balloon gate.
    • Set your party entrance designed with balloons gates, trees, characters, and welcome texts.
      • Some designs:
        • Jungle theme balloon entrance
        • Multicolor balloon entrance gate with custom characters
        • Flower balloon entrance gate

...also deal in festive designs.

  • Link Balloons: To make an impressive décor, these are a hit. The revolutionary designs ensure that each balloon maintains a uniform shape, irrespective of which ends are tied together. Link balloons are good for big Christmas décors, opening parties, etc.

Performance Details
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90 Minutes
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Events Preferred

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