Customising performances to occasion or venue, working across jazz, blues, world music and acoustic sets, dance, stage visuals, art shows, installations, etc


THE KURU CIRCUS is a collaborative music/art project which features soundscapes to the graphic novellascape - The Kuru Chronicles

The project features artists and guest musicians including Ari Jayaprakash/Tritha Sinha/Chintan Kalra/Sikanth Gopinath and Rohan Kulshreshtha. The music is a combination of original music performed by The Kuru Circus & Orchestra and various other artists, performed live inspired by music from the upcoming graphic novel from India by Ari Jayaprakash and Anisha Sridhar - 'The Kuru Chronicles'. The 90-minute show also includes visual projections and paintings being created in real time over the course of the performance.

The Kuru Chronicles have been executed from being a graphic novel of a compelling tale of a woman's journey of discovering her life purpose to mesmerising soundscapes and are now travelling throughout India as a collaborative production. Performances have come together at various cities across India with scheduled tours abroad.

Ari Jayaprakash/Anisha Sridhar/Sid Barik/Tritha Sinha/Chintan Kalra/Rohan Kulshreshtha/IP Singh/Audio Pervert/Toymob/Nirupama Belliappa/Sikanth Gopinath/Colin Rozario/Daya Sagar/Avhoy Thathal/Ranjit Parrakunnath/Veerat Singh/Bhanu Pratap/Sameer Hazari/Aakash Anand/Acid Toad/Arjun Chandran/Prashanth Pallemoni/Vandana Menon/Shrungar Dadarkar/Avril Stormy Unger/Pia Bungalowala/Swapna Shree Bhasee/Avik Kumar Maitra/Abhishek Majumder/Paul Dharmaraj/Anand Vijayasimha/Ritika Singh/Sin;drome/Vinny Bhagat/Puneet Junta/Irikshina/Trauma Art/Sid Mathur/Rajashri Sanyal and others.

THE KURU CHRONICLES is one of the worlds longest graphic novels from India which releases later this year.