He is a very talented and young DJ from New Delhi who loves to play the best of deep house and techno!


Ameen is a professional DJ based out of New Delhi, IndiaMusic has always fascinated Ameen.
At a very early age, Ameen immersed himself in pop music and hip-hop, listening to Michael Jackson and Dr Dre; as he grew older, his taste in music started to change and evolve into more hardcore style like nu metal, death metal, and electronic rock.

It was in the year 2007 after watching Jaytech LIVE, his music taste buds took a detour towards EDM. A few years later, Ameen decided to take up his love for music to another level and decided to learn the DJing.

After fine-tuning his console skills for almost a year, Ameen’s first gig was a turntables competition in Delhi, where he scored the second runner up position and since then there has been no looking back for him.

Now, Ameen has been constantly playing the opening sets for premier electronic acts such as Toyz in Panic. With Inspirations like Umek, Khainz, Daft Punk, and Magitman and an attitude of always learning DJ Ameen is surely one of the upcoming talents to watch out for.