A singer-songwriter who concentrates on original compositions that are mostly mellow and simple, so more people can enjoy his music


Amartya Ghosh is a Delhi-based singer and songwriter. In 2013 he came to New Delhi to nurture his passion for music, and also took on lyric writing so that he can express his thoughts through lyrics.

“Delhi has given me a lot to love and write about. The city has a new story each day, and stories can be weaved endlessly,” says Amartya. In 2014, the band Percussive Maintenance was formed by him, and now he is operational on his solo projects. “Nothing is as fulfilling as a good gig,” he adds.

Amartya’s lyrics are usually based on personal feelings, combined with simple melodies to let more and more people connect his style of music. He says he has learnt that music is a universal language, and it takes the right emotion in lyrics to combine with right emotion in melodies, to bring out something a listener can understand as a message.

“The key is to make listeners feel at the time of listening to a song, exactly what I felt while writing and making it,” Amartya concludes.

Performance Details
Events Preferred Campus,Charity,Concert/Festival,Corporate,Exhibition,Fashion Show,Religious,Restaurant,Wedding
City NCR / Delhi
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90
Languages English,Hindi
Open To Travel Nationwide
Stage Delhi