Advaya is a four-piece fusion jazz band that is still working on different kinds of fusion music that is related to Indian influences


Advaya is a fusion/jazz/rock LIVE band based out of the largest city of Assam, Guwahati. It is a band with a mix of fusion and melody. Advaya started its journey in September 2012.

They are basically a fusion classical band. They are still working on different kind of fusion music that is related to Indian influences.


  • 4th position holder in Alcheringa 2013 'Raga High'
  • 5th position in Acoustic Heroes (Illusion Club)

Band Members:

  • Vocals – Tanveer Dey Sarkar
  • Violin – Aashirbad Bora (Ashkai Bora)
  • Bass Guitar – Abhijit