Aditya Tiwari, a HD 3D Specialist. Catering to LIVE music, concerts, candid, and lifestyle photography!


Aditya Pandit Photography – HD3D Specialist

This is a team of professionals – providing photography services, and will like to work with your company. They have worked with clubs like FIO, Out of the Box, b-bar, My Bar Studio, Chaman Lal & Sons, Masha, Raas, Skooter, Fork You, OBar, The Flying Saucer Café, Quantum, Hype, Ambrosia Bliss, Vault Café, Warehouse Café, Shots & Tails, Kyro, My Bar Grill, Bromfy, Boombox Café, The Aquarium Lounge, Ice Cube, Zygo, Club Rhino, Pamphilos Kitchen & Bar, The Same Place, and Moonshine Café & Bar.

Aditya excels at doing lifestyle photography, along with shooting LIVE music concerts, events, portfolios, candid, and weddings. He offers services that are economical, yet creative.