Based in Mumbai, comedian and writer Abbas Momin is one of the funniest stand-up artists from amongst the current circuit!


A good comedian is someone who can effortlessly leave the audience in splits. Cracking jokes on oneself and others, comedian Abbas Momin has climbed the ladder of success. He has fruitfully figured out the tricks and trickeries of stand-up comedy. Abbas is not just an excellent stand-up comedy artist but also is a thoughtful writer. The artist is supremely passionate towards his craft and is often seen entertaining the crowd and winning loud cheers in response!

Abbas is also an enthusiastic podcaster with a vivid interest in radio and cinema. Having done shows for the popular Canvas Laughter Club and at other interesting places, the artist has gained popularity amongst the young audience. However, his jokes often appeal to the 18+ masses! With a track record of many successful shows, Abbas Momin travels across India to perform at various events. His live shows are a hit and his jokes are absolutely lit!